High5 Software’s Service Management Enterprise Online, (SMEO), eSignatures are allowing companies to leverage functionality in SMEO and Service Management Enterprise(SME) to greatly reduce paperwork, speed technician order turn-around, and automatically store all relevant signed documents with the customer record in SME.

By utilizing SME custom fields and tables, with the eSignature functionality in SMEO, companies are able develop highly customized form handling with criteria unique to their business processes.

Forms based on SME fields saved to PDF documents with fillable form fields, and client or vendor specifications, can be configured for inspections, legal traceability, customer warranty sign-off, proposal acceptance, and any other customer facing document tracking implementation that is necessary for your business processes.

Once forms are signed by the customer, the relevant forms can be automatically emailed to destinations preconfigured by your administrators, and the documents can be saved back to the SME database for future traceability.

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